Author: Photos by Christine M.

I love photographs! I've loved them for a long time and have been dabbling in photography since at least high school. I took some elective and non-credit photography classes in college and grad school, and have read innumerable books and blogs of course! I'm an amateur, but am doing my best to be a semi-serious one. My lovely other half, Bartosz, and I are in the process of pushing the photography from hobby to enthusiast/artist level. We have an etsy shop and you can occasionally find us/our photos at local venues around San Angelo, TX. We hope you enjoy the blog and would love to hear from you in the comments or via email! Find our etsy shop here:

Big Bend Hiking

The rain finally stopped and we went on a beautiful hike in the mountains. Texas has never looked so good!




Big Bend Sunset

Our first night in Big Bend, the campgrounds were all full, so we had to camp outside the park in Terlingua. It was a bummer not to stay in the park, but we did have a nice sunset drive out of the park.